Crater Lake

Snowmelt Timing and Plant Phenology in Crater Lake National Park

This work has been published in the International Journal of Biometeorology here:

O’Leary, D.S., Kellermann, J.L. & Wayne, C. Int J Biometeorol (2017).


This video expands on my work to display the progression of snow cover and plant phenology for the North American Continent from 2001-2012. Snow cover is light blue, clouds are light grey, plant greenup is bright green, fully mature vegetation is dark green, and plant senescence is in amber. Watch as the season pass by and snow is preplaced by plant life, which is then returned to snow. Note how the different areas of the continent mature and senescence at different times, and how Mexico is dominated by the summer hurricane season, not snow cover. Data is from NASA – MODIS. This work is a part of my Young Leaders in Climate Change internship with Crater Lake National Park.


Looking at Crater Lake SNOTEL temperature data using interactive dygraphs.


This visualization is further elucidated by my Rpubs analysis of the data here.


Use the bar at the bottom to zoom in on the data and scroll like a slider.
Move your mouse across the plot itself to identify exact values.